Machine Intelligence at Google Scale

Kazunori Sato

Staff Developer Advocate on the Cloud Platform Team, Google

ConceptNet: Teaching Machines Common Sense

Catherine Havasi, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, Luminoso

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A Behind-the-Scenes Peek of an Analytics Startup

Takafumi Kusano

Co-Founder & Representative Director, BrainPad Inc.

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Innovation Track
Data Science Track

A Data Engineering and Data Science Platform Based On Hadoop/Spark

Michiaki Ariga

Sales Engineer & Field Data Scientist, Cloudera

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Combining Watson and Spark For Analysis

Yuichi Tanaka

Spark Specialist, IBM

Discovering Various Insights From Data Using Elastic Stack

Jun Ohtani

Developer Advocate and Developer, Elastic

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Application Track

Big Data Analysis for Cyber Security

Takuho Mitsunaga

Research Associate Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at University of Tokyo

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Data Science Initiatives at a FinTech Company

Tetsuro Ito

Personal Financial Management Department, Money Forward, Inc.

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AI for Supply Chain

Michael Chang

Founder and CEO, Kyper Data

Main Track

Making Machine Learning Work for Real Business

Lukas Biewald

Founder & Chief Data Scientist, CrowdFlower

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Data Science for Business Panel

Sheamus McGovern

Founder, Open Data Science Conference (ODSC)

Closing Keynote: Big Data Outlook for 2017 And Why You Should Care

Meri Rosich Ph.D.

Chief Intelligence Officer, DataWise division of Oak Lawn Marketing

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Escaping ETL: The Journey to Information at the Speed of Thought

Nenshad Bardoliwalla

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Paxata

Data Marketing Utilizing the “Societas” Value System Framework

Yasuo Tanida

Director of the Research Planning Office, SynergyMarketing