The Key Role Threat Intelligence Can Play in Your Security Strategy

Wednesday 8th, 10:50 - 11:30

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Information security is ultimately focused on one key goal: reduction of risks. Risks of data loss, reputation damage, and disruption to the productivity of your organization. But what drives the actions of your security teams?

Are they effectively prioritizing what needs protection as well as identifying the most likely threats, or if a breach has already occurred? Understandable and actionable threat intelligence has the power to inform more proactive—and therefore more effective—information security. And time is critical, so this intelligence should be available and actionable in real time.

Threat intelligence examples covered in this presentation include:

  • Monitoring for direct threats to the company, including quickly gathering threat intelligence on “data dump” sites and the dark web for much faster crackdown on potentially serious data leaks.
  • Analyzing the latest attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for reduced risk of breaches and greatly improved resource allocation.
  • Identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities relevant to your company and technology stack, to lower the risk to the business.