Thank you for a successful first conference!

We had 33 speakers giving talks in English (17) and Japanese (14), and 300+ attendees from 12 countries.

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Coming October 2017!

Big Data Analytics Tokyo will be back as a bilingual, full-day track of the 5th Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) on October 23-24, 2017.

There are a few speaking slots left! ILS is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and growing businesses interested in meeting with a large number of established Japanese enterprises over two full-days of one-on-one meetings to discuss partnerships.

At last year’s ILS,

  • 103 major Japanese companies met with
  • 484 startup companies in
  • 2,190 meetings, that resulted in
  • 946 new deals.

If you are a startup in the big data, AI field and are interested in participating in one-on-one business meetings with Japanese industry leaders, please fill out this form.

Every aspect of business is in flux. We are moving to a data-driven reality that is disrupting markets, corporate cultures, and entire industries. Big Data Analytics Tokyo will transform the way you think about data.



technologies that are transforming and disrupting industry.
the brightest minds in data analytics: technology pioneers, business leaders, entrepreneurs.
how widespread availability of open data and social media is being harnessed by open source tools and innovations.

Rethinking Competitive Advantage

For the past 50 years, decision-making has been driven by backwards-looking data warehouses. Today  new technologies have redefined the way data is stored, analyzed, and consumed. Big data analytics provide critical new insights from previously untapped sources, allowing business to predict changes in customers, competitors, and market conditions—and exploit them.

Big Data Analytics…

  • Brings new information to support decisions
  • Replaces hierarchical decision-making with data-driven prediction
  • Combines enterprise and external data sources to discover new insights

Big Data Analytics Tokyo brings together business managers, CEOs and visionary innovators to chart the course of this massive shift.

They’ll elaborate on the technologies, techniques, and approaches that are now essential elements of digital strategy: pervasive data collection, advanced text/image analytics, open source and open data, agile operation, data lakes, machine learning, human/computer collaboration and cognitive computing. You’ll also learn about the critical changes organizations need to make—structurally and culturally—to stay in front.

The agenda includes remarkable keynotes, case studies, demonstrations, one-on-one collaborations, plus a state-of-the-art technology showcase…

Join this event to gain a competitive advantage—how today’s new technologies are shaping tomorrow’s markets.

Why Attend

For business leaders: learn what works and what doesn’t, from CEOs and technology innovators. Gain understanding of the structural and cultural changes needed for success. Make contacts with peers and establish valuable relationships you can call on as you lead your company to become more data-centric.

For technologists: hear what business leaders are doing with the latest tools and technologies—problems they solve, challenges they expect, and how they produce competitive advantage.  Learn how data scientists across industries are processing information, solving complex problems, and discovering valuable business insights.

For sponsors: present your unique capabilities to an audience seeking competitive advantage through data analytics. Meet business leaders presenting their uncensored take on past data projects. Then tell them how your solution can help them retain industry leadership.

Business Networking Opportunities

Analytics and Data Science Expo — Dynamic and interactive exhibits showcase the latest developments in data enrichment, voice of the customer, financial technology, identity analytics, cyber threat intelligence, entity-centric search, and other applications of big data analytics.

Networking Reception — Meet business leaders from Japan and the Pacific region, share ideas, and build international relationships.

Pitch Sessions — Entering the Japanese market is both a daunting prospect and a strategic imperative.  Quickly explore multiple partnership opportunities by pitching your company’s market strategy to business leaders and conference sponsors.

One-on-one Meetings — Structured to help you quickly answer key questions:  What is the Japan market opportunity for my business?  Is our offering likely to succeed?  What is the competitive landscape?  Hosted by conference sponsors.