Uncovering Team Performance Dynamics with Data & Analytics in Complex Engineering Projects

Applications Track
Tuesday 7th, 12:40 - 13:15

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This talk introduces a framework by the Global Teamwork Lab (GTL) at the University of Tokyo and MIT to uncover the nature of performance during complex projects. The most innovative and significant grand challenges for industry and society are marked by technical and social complexity, with teams working across boundaries.  With recent capabilities to instrument demands and activities, we propose a new lens and inquiry into the performance of teams.  Sensors on both the people and the problem are analyzed in real-time, so that the awareness, interaction, and actions by teams are enhanced.  An integrated “meso-scale sociotechnical systems” approach requires integrated instrumentation, analytics, modeling, and visualization so that data is streamed, processed, considered, and acted upon in the cognitive sweet spot of human teams.  We’ll show some recent experiments from GTL and the new “Interactive Visualization Lab” at MIT.