Escaping ETL: The Journey to Information at the Speed of Thought

Main Track
Wednesday 8th, 15:20 - 15:55


Today, we are able to collect, manage, and query data with very advanced data processing frameworks like Apache Hadoop, in both on-premises and cloud deployments. We can run an infinite number of advanced analytic algorithms on top of this data, and visualize it in impressive ways. Yet turning data into trustworthy information remains the toughest challenge facing businesses that want to achieve information-driven decision making. Paxata co-founder Nenshad Bardoliwalla will present the paradigm change of self-service data preparation, how it obsoletes batch-driven, IT-centric ETL, and how it is transforming businesses in financial services, high tech, and healthcare. He will also lay out a roadmap for customers who want to join the exciting journey of getting information at the speed of thought.