The Dirty Little Secret of Enterprise Data

Innovation Track
Tuesday 7th, 13:20 - 13:55

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Bad data plumbing wastes time, money and opportunity. Fix it, and your data scientists can focus less on cleaning and preparing data, and more on driving analytic decisions and outcomes.
In this presentation, serial entrepreneur and Tamr Co-Founder Andy Palmer exposes the dirty secret of messy, siloed, enterprise data: Bad plumbing, which forces data scientists to spend 80-90% of their effort cleaning and preparing data instead of actually analyzing it. Palmer shares how Fortune 500 companies are fixing their plumbing and gaining $100s of millions of value by automating the collection, organization and preparation of enterprise-wide data.

  • On the savings side, Tamr is working with financial and procurement execs at GE to leverage analytics for spend, supply chain, and logistics
  • On the growth side, Tamr is working with Toyota Motors Europe to provide the best products and services in an innovative way. TME saw unifying data as the core component to deeply understanding their customers.

In this talk Palmer will discuss the blueprint for these successful projects and will outline how these teams have developed systematic, scalable approaches to preparing data for analysis across the enterprise.