Innovation and Entrepreneurship Panel

Innovation Track
Tuesday 7th, 16:25 - 17:00


Moderator: Noriko Takezaki (Basis Technology)
Panelists: Andy Palmer (Tamr), Jonathan Epstein (Credorax), Takuya Matsutani (Project Nippon), Tim Rowe (Cambridge Innovation Center), Stephen Jones (SineWave)

Tim Romero’s popular podcast “Disrupting Japan” depicts a menacing Godzilla looming over the Tokyo skyline. Are Japanese start-ups perceived as a giant, devastating monster? Or are they, as Tim calls them, “the most creative and dynamic group of people in the world”? Japanese entrepreneurs are having greater success entering the American market than ever before. What about the other direction? How should American entrepreneurs be viewing opportunities in Japan? What do U.S. startups and Japan-based enterprise partners need to understand about aligning assumptions and priorities for successful joint ventures? This group of panelists has incredible depth and breadth of experience from working all over the world with the early adopters and innovators.