The New Vanguard for Business Connectivity, Design, and the Internet of Things

Tuesday 7th, 10:55 - 11:30

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The Internet of Things is the hottest topic of the moment—a shift predicted to be as momentous as the impact of the internet itself. The internet has allowed us to share ideas and data largely input by humans. What about a world where data from objects as diverse as cars, jewelry, and office furniture all flows through the internet? We are truly at the frontier of a new, hyper-connected future: and MIT Media Lab’s David Rose is our guide. Author of the first best-selling book on the subject, Rose is bringing the inevitable takeover of the Internet of Things to the forefront of public consciousness. If you own a business, if your company makes a product, if you are involved in manufacturing, supply chain management, environmental monitoring, transport, retail, healthcare, urban planning, architecture, design—literally any industry—your sector will be affected.

In this mind-opening conversation, Rose explains how to profit from the Internet of Things. He describes how products are poised to become services, and how we will be creating new user experiences, not new technology. Instead of staring at our iPhone screens, we will be surrounded by simple, polite, connected objects that anticipate our needs and serve us. How can you embed connectivity and productivity into your product? he asks. It’s time to revolutionize the way your company thinks about technology, design, and making money.