Takuho Mitsunaga

Research Associate Professor

Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at University of Tokyo

While Dr. Takuho Mitsunaga serves as Associate Professor of the Research Group for Cybersecurity in Public Policies at the University of Tokyo, he is also involved with the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC). Dr. Mitsunaga is technical advisor to the early warning group of JPCERT/CC, which is an organization collecting security information and providing advice to companies.

After completing his degree from the Graduate School of Informatics at Kyoto University, he worked for a startup responding to security incidents and doing R&D. In 2010, he was the project leader for “Encrypted Data Sharing System for the Cloud with Effective Security Key Management” for the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade. After that, he took a position in the early warning group of JPCERT/CC he analyzed targeted attacks and other cyber attacks. From 2015 to present, he has been researching new technologies such as IoT and big data and its intersection with security. He was co-author of “Protecting Business from Cyber Attack” (published by NTT) and “Whitepaper for information Security 2013” (published by IPA).