Download the Big Data Analytics Tokyo prospectus.

What time do doors open?Doors will open 30 minutes before the first scheduled talk.

How does registration check-in work at the conference?For fastest check-in, please print the QR code or display it on your mobile device.
If you don’t have your QR code, we can register you by name. We will have one line for Japanese names and one for English names or names in romaji.

How do I get to the venue?See http://www.academyhills.com/aboutus/map.html

Is lunch included?Bento box lunches will be provided for General Admission ticket holders. Investor/VIP ticket holders will have a private VIP lunch.

Will there be interpretation for talks in English? For talks in Japanese?On day one (2/7), the morning keynote talks and the two session tracks in the afternoon will have simultaneous interpretation for all talks (from English to Japanese or Japanese to English). There will be a third session track (“Data Science”) that will feature only talks in Japanese. No interpretation will be provided in the Japanese-only track. On day two (2/8), the morning keynote talks and afternoon session talks will have simultaneous interpretation for all talks (from English to Japanese or Japanese to English).

Can I get a refund for my ticket?Yes, you can get a 100% refund for your ticket up until 30 days before the conference begins. After January 8, 2017, there are no refunds.

Can I transfer/exchange my ticket?Yes, you can transfer or exchange your ticket via Eventbrite up to 7 days before the conference. No transfers are allowed after January 31, 2017

How do I scheduled 1:1 business meetings?This feature is only available to VIP ticket holders. To arrange meetings, write to info@bigdatacon.jp with the name of the company or individual you would like to request a meeting with and the goal or topic of the meeting.

Who is Basis Technology?Basis Technology is the leading provider of software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from multilingual text and digital devices. Our text analytics are used across industries from startups to established enterprises, giving us a unique view into the latest innovations in big data analytics.

Who is AI Summit? The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest event series dedicated to the practical applications of AI within business. With events in Europe, Asia, and the U.S; the AI Summit’s bring together a global community of business leaders representing the largest Fortune 500 organisations. Over 3000 attendees have participated at the events to gain a deeper understanding for how the technology can be best utilised, and to connect with the technology partners who can help make this happen. For more information on the AI Summit series, please see the website – www.theaisummit.com

Who is ODSC?ODSC—Open Data Science Conference—hosts conferences to connect people to the data science community and contribute to the open source applications they use everyday. Our goal is to bring together the global data science community to help foster the exchange of innovative ideas and encourage the growth of open source software.